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Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Attorneys

Practice Areas

Greene & Lloyd, PLLC helps clients at critical times in their lives. We represent them after they’ve been seriously injured in accidents. We also protect the rights and freedoms of people who were arrested and face criminal investigations.

Our Firm

Robert Lloyd and Tim Greene have practiced law for more than 20 years. We understand the stress our clients feel. We provide them with personal, professional service, no matter what legal issue they face. Our clients are like our family.

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Have questions or concerns about personal injury law or criminal defense? Were you injured in an accident? Are you being investigated by law enforcement or are facing criminal charges? Call us at 253-770-0808 today or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Our Team Is Ready To Help You

We understand how technology is changing the way all of us live and work. At Greene & Lloyd, our team is ready to help you. We can meet remotely via video, as well as handle documents and signatures electronically. If it is best to meet in person, we can do so at locations throughout the state of Washington. Our team will make arrangements to ensure your health and safety are protected.

Aggressive Legal Solutions

After practicing law for more than 20 years, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Aggressively representing our clients gets them the best results. We take every case seriously. Greene & Lloyd, PLLC prepares each case as if it’s going to trial. That level of preparation often results in fair personal injury settlements and plea bargain agreements in criminal cases that benefit our clients. We zealously defend every client’s legal rights and work hard to reach the best possible outcomes.

Lawyers crafting winning strategies to ensure the best possible outcome for your claim.

Top-Rated Law Firm

They are truly in this field because they love what they do and want to help people. If I ever have the need for an attorney again, I will go to Greene and Lloyd first without question. They are truly outstanding people and want to help everyone in their power.

Samantha S.

Excellent service!!! What a great team! Every step of our legal process was explained to us making it much easier to deal with a very difficult situation. If you are in need of great legal help.......then look no further. Mr. Lloyd is the best!!

Melissa B.

Dependable, solid and determined. I highly recommend this company overall, and i have had a lot of experience w many lawyers in the past. This is one you will stay with after you see the action. This is the lawyer you tell your friends about and keep a card for. They make it happen.

Daniel T.

My personal experience with the Law Offices of Greene & Lloyd has been exceptional. They promptly aided in my case, and they worked hard until the end. The lawyers were very professional, and I truly thank them for their honesty, advice, and good work.

Kelsey B.

How Our Lawyers Help You

Greene & Lloyd, PLLC has learned a lot since we started practicing law. Whether it’s a personal injury or criminal defense case, that experience will make a difference for you and your family. Our record of success is founded on years of building a strategy that works.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

If you have suffered a severe injury in an accident, your life has been turned upside down. You’re no longer leading a productive life, working to support your family, and enjoying your time with others. Missed time at work means less income, while medical bills start to pile up. Our personal injury lawyers at Greene & Lloyd, PLLC can help you get the treatment you need and deal with insurance companies while you focus on recovery and your family.

Car Accident

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a crash, our car accident lawyers can help you get the financial compensation you deserve. It will never make up for the suffering or loss that you have endured, but it can help you and your family move forward with life.

Truck Accident

Because a truck is so much larger than cars and other small vehicles that are on the road, life threatening injuries or wrongful death is a frequent result of truck accidents. We know what to look for and how these accidents usually happen. You and your family deserve to have effective counsel in your corner, fighting for the most compensation possible.

Motorcycle Accident

With one mishap or one wrong turn, a motorcycle ride can turn deadly. This is often because motorcycles are so much smaller and lighter than passenger vehicles and trucks, and when the two collide, motorcycles are usually on the short end of the stick.

Experienced. Dedicated. Smart.

Why You Should Choose Greene & Lloyd, PLLC

We’ve earned the trust of clients for more than twenty years because of our skills and work ethic. Many of our cases have been referred to us by area lawyers because they know how hard we work, how effective we are, and how well we treat our clients. Greene & Lloyd, PLLC has helped thousands of people over the years. We can help you, too.

  • We are creative, aggressive litigators with a proven record of success.
  • We have the experience needed to counter opposition tactics and build a winning case for you.
  • We have the skills and strategy to do everything possible to protect your rights.

The Results You Need

We get to know every one of our clients. When we work on your case, we will get to know you, too. We’ll thoroughly investigate your situation, determine how the law may apply, explore the possible outcomes, and develop a winning strategy.

Sometimes, our clients may seek an outcome that just isn’t possible. We always tell our clients the truth, even when that means saying things they don’t want to hear. You can count on us to honestly discuss with you what you want, but more importantly, what you need.

No matter what personal injury or criminal defense issue you face, we will make every effort to get you the results you need. Those results come from many hours of investigating facts, legal research, negotiation, and successfully arguing cases to judges and juries. Your results will be built on a foundation of experience, hard work, and skills developed over many years representing people like you.