Graham Motorcycle Accident Attorney If you were injured in an accident, your resulting personal injury claim will be assessed by the insurance company. They may be willing to settle right away, but don’t bet on it. They will likely fight to minimize how much they have to pay. In most cases, litigation is considered a last resort, but  sometimes there is no choice but to move on to litigation if an insurance company is not interested in settling a personal injury case. A Graham motorcycle accident attorney can help you with a lawsuit if your representation and the insurance company can’t agree on the value of your case.

Filing the Lawsuit

Typically, the lawsuit will be filed against the people or company responsible for your injuries. A suit only will be filed against the insurance company if the person involved is a driver who is not insured or doesn’t have enough insurance. A Graham motorcycle accident attorney may suggest waiting to file a suit to see if the insurance company changes its mind about a settlement value. However, litigation is often required in cases where parties aren’t very close on values.

Factors that Lead to Litigation

Cases fail to settle for a number of reasons. A Graham motorcycle accident lawyer can explain those factors may include that the insurance company is not accepting liability for the accident or the insurance carrier may think you are asking for more money than it is willing to pay. Internal reasons or an insurance company’s policy also may be preventing a settlement. This then forces a claimant to file suit.

A Graham motorcycle accident attorney also can explain that sometimes insurance companies are just stalling for time, seeing if you and your lawyer will decrease your settlement number. Finally, an insurance carrier may want you to prove your injuries. A Graham motorcycle accident attorney can tell you that is a way for an insurance company to validate your injuries.

Contact a Graham Motorcycle Accident Attorney for Assistance

There are many factors that could lead a person to filing a lawsuit. If you are involved in a personal injury case and need legal assistance, call a Graham motorcycle accident lawyer at Greene & Lloyd PLLC at 253-770-0808.