Puyallup personal injury attorney As the economy continues to stagnate, all branches of state government are being affected, including the judiciary. In several states across the nation, judiciary branches are facing budget and staffing cuts. This means that retiring judges may not be replaced and some courthouses may be closed, says one Puyallup personal injury attorney.

These changes are likely to affect small and medium-sized personal injury cases,says a Puyallup personal injury attorney. Faced with increasing limitations, judges may not want Puyallup personal injury attorneys taking cases worth $20,000 to $30,000 to trial. Rather than spend precious resources on personal injury trials, judges are likely to want to focus their limited resources on high-level medical negligence or product liability cases or high-profile criminal cases.

According to a Puyallup personal injury lawyer, insurance carriers may perceive this as an advantage since it is likely for cases worth $40,000 to $50,000 to wait a long time for a trial date. In addition, costs such as mediation or filing fees that used to be paid for by the judiciary will now be passed on to clients, says a Puyallup personal injury attorney.

How Lienholders Respond in a Bad Economy

Historically, health insurance carriers, who pay for a victim’s medical costs, are entitled to compensation from the judgment or settlement. In many cases, they are willing to accept a payment that is less than the full cost. However, in a bad economy, health insurance companies will be more likely to ask for the full reimbursement amount. This means that a Puyallup personal injury attorney may not be able to negotiate for a reduction in reimbursement.

How Plaintiffs Respond in a Bad Economy

Faced with financial pressure from a weak economy, plaintiffs are often tempted to see a personal injury settlement as the answer to their financial problems. As a result, according to a Puyallup personal injury attorney, plaintiffs may be more likely to refuse a fair settlement offer because they are hoping to get a gigantic settlement that will take care of all of their debt. In addition, says a Puyallup personal injury lawyer, plaintiffs might exaggerate their symptoms or file false claims.

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