Pierce County car accident attorneyOften it may seem the insurance company’s sole objective is to deny your benefits. You might feel pressured to give up or accept a lowball settlement based on an adjuster’s unfair representations. The sad truth is, some insurance adjusters will do all they can to deny your claim. The good news is that a Pierce County car accident attorney will show you what to watch out for.

“You Live Too Far Away”
If you were hurt while traveling far from home, an adjuster may try to use that against you. They may try to talk you into taking a low settlement to avoid the hassle and expense of coming back for trial. Let a Pierce County car accident attorney advocate for you.

“You Don’t Deserve A Bigger Settlement”
As your Pierce County car accident attorney knows, an adjuster may even try to use your lifestyle against you. They might tell you a jury would be unsympathetic to you because of lifestyle choices that have nothing to do with your injury or accident (i.e., if you belong to a motorcycle club). A Pierce County car accident attorney will be ready with a strategy for dealing with such a ruse.

“No Lawyer Will Take Your Case”
Claims adjusters may also try to convince you that your claim is unfounded, and that a lawyer won’t accept it. Remember, a Pierce County car accident attorney will familiarize himself with your case and provide you with a well-reasoned, realistic evaluation.

“Experts for Hire”
Adjusters sometimes “buy” expert opinions negative to your case. Sadly, many times these purported experts have only been told one side of the story and give biased opinions. Your Pierce County car accident attorney can handle proper expert review.

Don’t let yourself feel bullied by unscrupulous insurance adjusters. If you have been injured in an accident because of another person’s negligence, you may be able to gain compensation, despite what an adjuster tells you. Call a Pierce County car accident lawyer to work for you. Contact Greene & Lloyd PLLC at (253) 770-0808.