• May 13, 2013
  • DUI

As the following question and answer session between your Pierce County DUI Lawyer and a technician demonstrates, analysis of the defendant’s blood is conducted automatically. Despite what the jury may believe, it is not subjected to microscopic examination by a scientist. In fact, the technician may have even left the room while the machine was running the sample. Your Pierce County DUI lawyer will establish this early in your trial.

Sample Questioning
Pierce County DUI lawyerPierce County DUI attorney: Did you analyze the blood sample taken from the defendant?
Technician: I did.
DUI defense attorney: How did you conduct this analysis? Did you actually look at the defendant’s blood or put the sample in a machine?
Technician: I operated the gas chromatograph we use to run the samples.
DUI defense attorney: Were there other samples in the machine or just the defendant’s?
Technician: I believe there were some additional samples.

Important Note
Since the witness may have greater knowledge of the facts than the attorney, a witness may sometimes get into trouble by trying to give an impression that is less than accurate. In this case, the witness is attempting to convince your Pierce County DUI lawyer that there were fewer samples in the machine than were actually there.

To Continue
Pierce County DUI attorney: Some? There were actually 40 additional samples, isn’t that correct?
Technician: I believe that’s right.
DUI defense attorney: How long does this process take?
Technician: A couple of hours.
DUI defense attorney: So you conducted this analysis by yourself. Were you on hand, monitoring the machine all the time?
Technician: Not every minute. The process is automatic.
DUI defense attorney: Then you’re saying that during at least part of this analysis, you weren’t even in the room?
Technician: Strictly speaking, that’s true.

If you want to be certain that your jurors are under no incorrect illusions when the lab technician who ran your blood analysis testifies, you need an attorney in your corner who will know how to examine the witness effectively. Call Greene & Lloyd PLLC and speak with a Pierce County DUI lawyer today at (253) 770-0808.