How much can I get? That is one of the most popular and difficult questions that clients ask their attorneys. A Tacoma truck accident attorney can explain it is nearly impossible to put a price tag on a case until all information is gathered and the injured person is better or close to it.

Case Value

Tacoma Truck Accident LawyerA case’s value is based on many things, including the injured person’s medical expenses. Information on what was spent on lab tests, treatments, hospital care, rehabilitation and medication will need to be collected and reviewed. A Tacoma truck accident lawyer can explain the amount of income and any other employment benefits, such as the number of vacation and sick days used, that were lost due to injury also will be used to value a case.

The impact the injury had on daily routines such as whether it limits a person’s ability to participate in sports, hobbies or other activities and if it keeps a person from doing household chores also must be considered. A Tacoma truck accident attorney can add that whether an injury caused any permanent damage such as scars or disfigurement will be factored in, too.

Additional Considerations

Besides medical bills and income loss, the defendant’s potential liability will be evaluated. A Tacoma truck accident lawyer can explain it is important to determine whether there is proof the injured person somehow caused the injuries. How the law relates to a personal injury case, which insurance company is part of the case and the quality of witnesses who will testify about the case also are important. Finally, a Tacoma truck accident lawyer can explain additional factors such as pain, suffering and how the injury impacted the person’s marriage will be considered in determining the value of a possible settlement.

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Many factors are considered when trying to value a personal injury case. If you are involved in a personal injury case and have legal questions, call a Tacoma truck accident attorney at Greene & Lloyd PLLC at 253-770-0808.