• August 11, 2014
  • DUI

Roy DUI Defense AttorneyHow exactly is the walk and turn test administered, and what does it mean for your case? An Orting DUI defense lawyer can tell you.

The Walk and Turn Test

Orting DUI defense lawyers are accustomed to explaining to clients how the test works. First, you stand heel-to-toe with arms at your sides. Then, you are given certain instructions by law enforcement. Finally, you take nine steps – keeping your heels to your toes – turn and take another nine steps in the same fashion. All the while, you must count out loud the number of steps you’re taking and your arms must remain at your sides. You’re not allowed to stop walking until the test is done completely. Orting DUI defense attorneys know that if you’re even the least bit nervous, this is not an easy test to take.

The Role of Law Enforcement

Orting DUI defense lawyers know that police officers need to do certain things when administering the test. They are supposed to demonstrate the necessary movements if asked, as well as ask suspects if they understand the instructions.

Orting DUI defense lawyers also know that police officers have their own set of instructions to follow when giving the test. Among other things, police need to remind suspects of instructions at certain points, as well as note certain occurrences (like a suspect failing to do something). Not doing any of these things is a point that could work in your favor, so discuss exactly what happened when you were pulled over with your Orting DUI defense attorney.

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