Puyallup Personal Injury LawyerWhen a Puyallup personal injury lawyer agrees to take your case, he will explain that the attorney’s fee is contingent upon a successful settlement. In other words, if your case does not settle and litigation is unsuccessful, you will not need to pay the fee. However, you, as the plaintiff, will need to pay certain other out of pocket expenses.

What Kinds of Costs Will I Have to Pay?
The law allows a Puyallup personal injury attorney to charge clients for certain expenses that are above and beyond the basic fee for services. The rationale is that lawyers cannot afford to, in essence, finance cases. Were they to do so, they would not be in business very long.

When you meet with your attorney he will explain the various fees you may need to repay. Among these are:

  • Fees for medical reports. It will be necessary to have copies of all relevant medical information to negotiate your settlement. These reports are not free; indeed, some hospitals and doctors’ offices charge as much as $100 or more for them;
  • Cost of photocopies. As your attorney and the insurance company negotiate your claim, your case file will grow significantly. Photocopies of certain documents will become necessary, including witness statements, the police report, medical bills and information from your employer regarding lost income while you recuperate;
  • Photographs. Photographs and diagrams can prove essential in personal injury claims. Your Puyallup personal injury attorney may need to take photos of the scene of your accident and possibly your injuries and damaged automobile, if applicable;
  • Reports from experts. Many personal injury cases hinge upon expert reports. For instance, a medical specialist may need to be brought in to draw up a report to support that your injuries occurred as a result of the accident; and
  • Cost of litigation. If your case does not settle, your attorney will discuss whether it likely will be successful in court. Litigating a case in court is generally fairly expensive, so you will need to weigh whether it will be worth your while. The expense of litigation will necessarily be passed on to you.

Why Do Attorneys Take Cases on a Contingency Basis?
Your Puyallup personal injury lawyer understands that you likely don’t have the means to pay for all the costs of your case unless you win a settlement. Also, a contingency-based fee provides the attorney with that extra incentive to provide you with the strongest legal representation possible.

We Can Help
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