I am attorney Tim Greene with The Law Offices of Greene & Lloyd, PLLC in Washington state. I am a trial lawyer. My partner, Rob Lloyd, and I founded our law firm on the premise of treating our clients like family and getting them the justice they deserve. Our law firm represents injured people from all parts of the state of Washington, as well as other states. We also represent people charged with criminal violations by the government. We understand the stress and fear our clients are experiencing in their cases, and we use our experience to restore peace in our clients’ lives.

I began my career in public service as a volunteer advocate for the educational needs of children of farmworkers in eastern Washington. I subsequently became a grant writer and project developer for a Washington state statewide rural community service organization. After I graduated from law school, I worked on immigration cases. I subsequently became a trial lawyer focusing on personal injury, criminal law, and family law trials. I pride myself in being a tenacious litigator, with extensive experience in municipal, state, and federal courts. I also have significant experience in administrative hearings, and state and federal appeals courts.

For our law firm, my work emphasis is on trial and appellate preparation. I represent our clients in matters that cannot be settled and likely will be tried before a judge or jury. I have a passion for fighting for the underdog and I am not intimidated by big insurance companies or their tactics. At the Law Offices of Greene & Lloyd, we treat our clients like they are a part of our family and we fight for their cases with that same passion.

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