I am attorney Robert Lloyd with The Law Offices of Greene & Lloyd, PLLC in Washington. My partner, Tim Greene, and I have been in practice for over 20 years. Throughout that time, we have handled many, many personal injury cases. A close family member of mine was injured in a head-on collision many years ago before I was a lawyer. This incident gave me a first-hand insight into the complicated process of personal injury cases. The at fault driver’s insurance company was essentially saying my family member was a liar and was exaggerating the pain and suffering sustained from the crash-related injuries. I knew that this was not true, and I also realized how much it would impact our lives. This circumstance gave me the passion for pursuing this profession and seeking justice for injured people.

I am also an avid motorcycle rider and have been for virtually my entire life. I have been a member of one of the largest worldwide motorcycle clubs for over 17 years. I understand the motorcycle lifestyle because I live it. Unfortunately, I was in a very serious motorcycle accident a few years ago due to someone else’s negligence. The injuries I sustained were very serious and required me to use a wheelchair for approximately three months while I recovered from multiple surgeries.

That experience taught me what serious accident victims go through.

I also have significant knowledge and experience with the trucking industry. I learned to drive semi-trucks in college and was a truck driver for several years, prior to becoming a lawyer. Eventually, I owned a transfer dump truck. All of this gave me firsthand knowledge of the trucking industry and how the insurance companies who provide big truck insurance operate. I also know firsthand the importance of properly maintaining and operating big rigs.

My life experiences have given me a foundation for pursuing justice for individuals injured by someone else’s negligence. My love for riding motorcycles and my trucking background provide our law firm and our clients with a unique advantage gained from those experiences.

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