Puyallup personal injury lawyersIf you suffered from a minor injury, Puyallup personal injury attorneys can advise you as to whether you qualify for compensation. Some injuries are not considered severe. These minor injuries – such as fractures, sprains and minor contusions – do not result in permanent or lasting injury. Upon recovery, the injured person is able to return to all pre-injury activities. However, in certain cases, Puyallup personal injury lawyers know that insurance companies may honor a claim for minor injuries.

Your Medical Reports

Insurance companies will consider the nature of the injuries in a claim by reviewing information from medical reports and records and other documents. They will see if the injury existed before the accident; if it did, then they will consider it an aggravation of a preexisting injury and reject the claim.

Non-observable Injuries

Be aware that insurance carriers will dispute or try to minimize non-observable injuries, which include the following:

  • Sprains;
  • Strains; or
  • Soft-tissue Injuries.

If the injury is observable via the naked eye or in x-rays, then the carrier is more likely to accept the claim.

Proving a Non-observable Injury

If your injury is subjective (or non-observable), you will likely have to prove the following:

  • Your inability to work or conduct normal activities;
  • Your need for assistance from others; or
  • A change in lifestyle, including cancelled engagements.

The more examples you provide, the stronger your case.

A Lawyer Can Help You

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