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Once your Puyallup DUI attorney has completed your initial interview, he or she will evaluate your particular case for plea negotiation or trial, if the potential for that option exists. Your lawyer will conduct a thorough analysis of the prosecution’s case, taking into account both its weaknesses and its strengths, and consider whether it is likely that every element of its argument can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. In addition, your DUI attorney will examine and analyze all the evidence the state will present, including chemical evidence, results of field sobriety tests, state’s witnesses, officer’s reports, and any prior criminal record you possess. After thoroughly evaluating everything the state will present for its case, your Puyallup DUI attorney will evaluate your own case by analyzing its weaknesses and strengths, which may include potential expert and lay witnesses, penalties you may face, the defenses available to you, relevant state statutes, and case law.

The State’s Case

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The state has the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt every element that you have been charged with regarding the DUI offense. The state must also prove that the officer had probable cause to stop you, based upon your demeanor, appearance, driving symptoms, and conduct. Your Puyallup DUI attorney also knows that your reaction to the officer when you were stopped is also a factor the state must take into account. For example, suppose that once the flashing lights or a police siren was activated, you immediately pulled over to the roadside and answered the officer’s questions in a cooperative manner, agreeing to undergo both chemical tests and field sobriety tests. Suppose you can also recollect these events clearly. A high blood alcohol content reading obtained under circumstances of this kind would indicate an inconsistency between the test results and your behavior, which may lead to reasonable doubt concerning the test results.

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