DUI & The 5th Amendment

You may think you are familiar with what the 5th Amendment means during your arrest. A driving while intoxicated attorney is your best source for understanding what you can truly say or withhold from the arresting officer. Below is a basic explanation of your 5th Amendment rights. Click image to see full size. [...]

Deposition testimony rules

There are a few easy rules to help you testify effectively in your personal injury trial. Unfortunately, there are still many mistakes claimants often make while testifying, as well. Your Tacoma personal injury attorney will go over any details important to your testimony so that you are well-prepared as trial approaches. Contact a Tacoma personal injury attorney today for a free consultation by calling (253) 770-0808.[...]

Who Can I Talk to about My Case? Our Tacoma WA DUI Attorneys Explain

The people you choose to converse with in regards to your case can have very severe consequences, so it's really best to only speak to your Tacoma WA DUI attorneys about such matters. Make sure that you are aware of how the prosecution can trick your friends and family members to testify against you in a court of law and what you can do to avoid this. Contact Tacoma WA DUI Attorneys For help with your DUI case, contact our Tacoma WA DUI Attorneys from Greene & Lloyd, PLLC at (253)[...]