DUI Attorney Tacoma WA | Testifying in a DUI Trial

When facing an impaired driving conviction trial in Washington, it is very important to have an experienced criminal defense counsel like Green & Lloyd PLLC. Jury trials are always the last resort in defending against a borderline or unreasonable DUI charge by an over-zealous local court system. When choosing a licensed Washington DUI attorney Tacoma WA is an excellent locale to begin the search for representation who can teach you to follow the nickel and dime theory of jury testimony. NICK[...]

Our Tacoma DUI Attorney Addresses Connecting with Juries

Our Tacoma DUI attorney understands that you are at a disadvantage in your case simply because you have been charged with impaired driving. Our firm has helped other clients who have found themselves in this negative starting position. Here are some of the ways our Tacoma DUI attorney works to overcome these challenging obstacles. Steps in Your Defense An effective cross-examination. Law enforcement personnel present some of the strongest witnesses against you in court. They allegedly saw you wh[...]

An Overview of Bail from Our Tacoma Criminal Defense Lawyer

Our Tacoma criminal defense lawyer is often asked about how bail works and how much a client will need to pay for release. Bail allows someone who is waiting for court or trial to be released after he or she is arrested and sees the judge at their initial appearance. The court will determine an amount of money that the defendant needs to pay in order to secure his or her release. These conditions generally include your promise to remain law-abiding and a set of restrictions imposed by the court.[...]

Tacoma Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses the Miranda Rule

Anybody who has ever watched a crime show or movie has a general understanding of the “Miranda Rule.” However, this criminal procedure rule is more complex than CSI or Law and Order demonstrate. When raised as a defense, the Miranda Rule may exclude evidence, resulting in an acquittal of criminal charges. At Greene & Lloyd, our Tacoma criminal defense lawyers possess extensive experience in the Miranda defense. Understanding the Miranda Rule The Miranda Rule provides that a defendant’s[...]

A Pierce County DUI Attorney Can Help with Securing Evidence

Your Pierce County DUI attorney will secure the evidence in your case and advise you on how you can aid in your defense. A Pierce County DUI Lawyer Will Advise You on Securing the Scene After you have been placed under arrest and contacted your Pierce County DUI lawyer, you will be told to secure the scene where you were given the sobriety tests. If it is possible, your lawyer’s investigator will go along with you to the scene. Pictures should be taken in order to have images of the scene in t[...]

A Criminal Lawyer Pierce County Discusses the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test

Field sobriety tests are tools employed by law enforcement to gather evidence to establish probable cause for a DUI arrest. Despite the variety of different FSTs used, only three have gained “standardized” status as measured by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. One such standardized test is the HGN test. What the HGN Test Measures Nystagmus is an involuntary twitching or jerking of the eyes that occurs naturally. Most often, it occurs when a person’s head is held[...]

Tacoma DUI Attorneys Explain the Prosecutor’s Assessment of the Case

Tacoma DUI attorneys can explain the strengths and weaknesses of the case as they perceive them. However, another important component to this evaluation is the prosecutor's assessment of the case. It is important for Tacoma DUI attorneys to discover the intention of the prosecutor. Many DUI cases do not go to trial, and the prosecutor may have no intention at all of trying a particular case. Instead, the prosecutor may wish to offer a plea bargain to quickly settle the case. The following tricks[...]

What Police Look for When Making a Pierce County DUI Traffic Stop

As a motorist, you have Constitutional rights. Before a police officer can pull you over for suspected drunk driving, the officer must follow certain procedures that do not compromise your rights. A drunk driving attorney can inform you of what a police officer looks for when stopping drivers under the suspicion of Pierce County DUI. [...]

Your Tacoma DUI Lawyer Can Explain How to Evaluate Possible Impairment

There are many factors that affect how impaired a person is when he or she drinks and drives. If you have been charged with DUI, there are several variables that your Tacoma DUI lawyer may evaluate while building your case. Personal Information Your lawyer will likely ask you to provide your personal information and history. You may be asked about your gender, ethnicity, height, weight, age and what you do for a living. In addition, your attorney may want to know how old you were when you began [...]