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Tacoma DUI Lawyers on the Rising Blood Alcohol Defense

Contrary to common perception, an arrest for DUI need not automatically lead to a guilty plea or conviction. Depending on the facts and circumstances of your case, an experienced DUI

What Will Happen If I’m Arrested? Our Tacoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Explain

For criminal defendants, their journey through the criminal justice system begins the moment they are arrested. In order to make your case go as smoothly as possible, you should be

A Tacoma WA DUI Attorney Looks at Reasonable Suspicion in DUI Cases

In this article, a Tacoma WA DUI attorney examines the issue of reasonable suspicion in a DUI stop. They Can’t Stop You on a Whim In order for a police officer

After Attorneys Fees, Medical Bills and Other Costs, Will There Be Anything Left for Me?

Are you worried that you won’t be left with any compensation money after you pay all attorneys’ fees, medical bills and other costs? Work with an experienced lawyer and you should

I Was Injured Tripping on a Sidewalk (Can I Sue?)

If you fell on a public sidewalk, and may be able to sue. To ensure a fair outcome, speak to your lawyer about your accident so that they can advise

If My Case Does Not Settle

When you are seeking compensation for an injury, you should ask your Pierce County personal injury attorney what will happen if your case does not settle. While most insurance companies

Pierce County Criminal Attorney on Voir Dire

Voir dire, French for “to speak the truth,” is a phase of a DUI trial where the attorneys for each side and the court have the opportunity to examine the

Pierce County Criminal Attorney on Money Laundering

A Pierce County criminal attorney may be able to clear up some of the misconceptions surrounding the crime of money laundering. Money laundering is a popular topic among the media,

Pierce County Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss Unreported Income

Pierce County personal injury lawyers can explain how to handle unreported income when seeking damages in your case. As part of the damages in your personal injury case after a

Tacoma Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss Lost Wages and Earnings

Serious car accidents can cause many types of economic loss including general and special damages for pain and suffering, lost wages, and loss of use of your vehicle. Loss of