What Are Implied Consent Warnings?

In the past, a driver would avoid a conviction for impaired driving simply by refusing a breath or blood test. However, implied consent laws mean that a refusal to comply with law enforcement directives to take these tests will result in separate penalties. A Pierce County DUI attorney can give a client more details on the specifics of these laws. [...]

15 Tips for Giving a Good Deposition

There are certain techniques that can be used to help you give a good deposition in your case. Watching this video from a Puyallup personal injury attorney will assist you in advance of your testimony. Proper preparation and maintaining your composure will avoid frustration and errors when giving the the deposition. [...]

Common Defenses to a DUI Charge

While many individuals may mistakenly believe that there is no valid defense for a DUI charge, this is simply not the case. Between police officers lacking reasonable suspicion to breathalyzer machines that were defective or not operated correctly, there may be several defenses available in your DUI case. A Pierce County DUI lawyer can explain some of the most common defenses to this charge. [...]

Drunk Driving Arrest May Lead to a Trip to the DMV

You should be aware that criminal penalties are not the only penalties associated with a DUI arrest. A DUI attorney can tell you that you might also be facing civil penalties such as the suspension of your driver's license. For more information about the penalties you might face from a DUI arrest, watch this video. [...]

What to Do if You Are Stopped on Suspicion of DUI

Many persons who are pulled over for suspicion of DUI complicate their own case by engaging in actions that only serve to incriminate themselves. The video below contains information that will explain how you should act if you are pulled over and what actions you should avoid to prevent any detrimental activity between yourself and the officer. [...]

3 Parts of a Standardized Field Sobriety Test

Common field sobriety tests that people know of include walking a straight line or standing on one foot for several seconds. The police have a Standardized Field Sobriety they use to determine if someone is under the influence. This test is a set of three distinct tests. To learn more about these tests, talk to a drunk driving attorney or watch this video. [...]