Pierce County injury attorneysPierce County injury attorneys are accustomed to answering questions regarding the potential value of a claim. One measure of damages relates to whether a dependent has a claim.


In order for Pierce County injury attorneys to determine whether a dependent has a claim, they must first ensure that the individual does indeed meet the definition of a dependent. Determining dependency is often based on several factors. The first is whether the claimed dependency is complete or partial. The second factor is the amount of time that was remaining on the dependency. Another factor that your attorneys can highlight is the level of closeness between the deceased individual and the claimant. They can also explain that insurance companies may also assess the amount of maintenance that he or she would have provided the dependent if he or she had lived, such as the cost of food, transportation and other expenses.

Combined Offers

Pierce County injury lawyers can explain that insurance companies often make one combined offer to settle the claims of all dependents. If one or more individuals were more dependent on the deceased, the evaluation of the claim will usually be higher. They can also explain that adult children are not usually as dependent on their children as minor children. The award will usually be higher if the duration of the remaining dependency is longer, such as when the deceased dies when his or her child is an infant. However, it can be argued that more expensive items should be included for a particular claim if an older teen is involved due to increased expenses for the teen’s education, transportation and clothing.

Spousal Claims

Your Pierce County injury attorneys can also explain that spouses may have a claim equal to the amount that the deceased spouse would have provided in support to him or her. Additionally, spouses may have a claim based on the loss of a decedent’s affection, love and companionship.

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