DUI police car at night DUI Attorney Tacoma WAWhen facing an impaired driving conviction trial in Washington, it is very important to have an experienced criminal defense counsel like Green & Lloyd PLLC. Jury trials are always the last resort in defending against a borderline or unreasonable DUI charge by an over-zealous local court system. When choosing a licensed Washington DUI attorney Tacoma WA is an excellent locale to begin the search for representation who can teach you to follow the nickel and dime theory of jury testimony.

NICKEL Testimony Model

The first thing to remember is that nervousness is natural and sometimes will make the jury sympathetic. DUI charges are serious issues with the court system and general public, and any advantage you can gain is important. Intense listening is important too because convicting information could be attained by answering a misunderstood question. The “C” component of the nickel theory is to count to three before answering any question and answer the question using the simple KISS theory application. Keep all answers simple and exact, for the “E” application. Do not embellish even on subsequent questions. The “L” instruction is to look directly at the jury when testifying. Having Green & Lloyd DUI attorney Tacoma WA as your legal counsel can help you maintain this testimony process.

DIME Testimony Model

Your DUI attorney Tacoma WA will explain that the DIME testimony model is more proactive. “D” means to demonstrate whenever possible, especially if it is positive for your case. “I” means it is perfectly okay to admit when you do not remember any part of the events of the arrest. The “M” is another reminder to look directly at the jury, and possibly make regular contact with a prospective sympathetic juror. “E” means to always emote, meaning it is okay to communicate anger in some cases.

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