Tacoma Personal Injury AttorneyOur Tacoma personal injury attorney will explain that there are many factors that must be considered when evaluating a neck injury that occurred during a car accident. The facts surrounding each individual accident can mean the difference between an accident with no injuries or one with severe injuries. While only an accident reconstructionist can accurately assess the impact force associated with an accident, your Tacoma car accident lawyer can determine the potential for whiplash and neck injuries based on the following assumptions.

Impact Angle

Your Tacoma car accident lawyer will want to know what angle the car was in when it was struck. A head on collision usually has less impact on the neck and back area than a side or rear collision. Side collisions have the potential to cause the neck and spine to twist unnaturally during the accident, while rear collisions usually cause the occupants of the car to be violently thrust forward, causing harm to the back and neck.

Speed and Size Of Rear Car

The size and speed of the car that caused the impact will have a large effect on the seriousness of the injuries. For example, a semi-truck moving 10 miles per hour will cause more impact damage than a economy car moving 25 miles per hour.

Speed and Size of the Victims Car

Economy cars will suffer more damage and the passengers will incur more injuries than those who are in a larger car.

Road Conditions

Knowing the conditions of the road at the time of the event is very important. How much a car moves after impact can have a large effect on the seriousness of the injuries. Accidents that occur in severe weather such as rain, ice, or snow may have different outcomes than those in clear weather.

Positions of the Injured Person’s Head

At the time of impact, it is important to determine the position of the injured person’s head. Were they looking straight forward, or were they looking to the side. Someone who was looking to the side during impact will sustain different injuries, usually more severe, than those who were looking forward.


Women are more apt to suffer whiplash then men. Most doctors believe this is a physical trait.


If the occupants of the car saw the accident occurring, they may have braced themselves before impact. The strain they place on their arms and legs may help prevent neck and back injuries. However, many people who do brace themselves during impact suffer injuries to these extremities.

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