Puyallup Personal Injury AttorneyOne of the key ideas that a Puyallup personal injury attorney can share with you is that it is difficult to identify all of the reasons for a particular injury in a car accident. Puyallup personal injury lawyers can explain that this is the case because there are a variety of variables that are part of a car accident. Additionally, Puyallup personal injury lawyers may also tell you that every automotive accident contains its own unique characteristics. These slight differences can transform a minor injury into a serious one. In order to more accurately assess the accident, a Puyallup personal injury attorney may rely on the testimony of an expert witness such as an engineer. Additionally, Puyallup personal injury attorneys can analyze the following variables to pinpoint the potential causes of your injuries.

Collision Angles

Collisions that occur at an angle may cause more serious injuries than head-on impacts because the spine can be twisted due to the off-center impact.

Speed and Size of Vehicles Involved

If the vehicle that is in the rear is faster and bigger, your Puyallup personal injury attorney can explain that the impact will likely be more severe. Likewise, if the vehicle in front is smaller, the injury may also be more serious.

Condition of the Road

The weather conditions and the evenness of the road can also impact the severity of the injury.

Victim’s Head Position

Your Puyallup personal injury attorney can also explain that the injury can be different depending on the direction that the victim was facing. For example, if the person’s head was turned at the time of impact, he or she may have an increased probability of suffering a more serious injury.


Another factor that your Puyallup personal injury attorney can address is the sex of the victim. Women in general tend to have a more fragile body than men. Therefore, they are more susceptible to developing chronic whiplash than their male counterparts.


A final consideration for a Puyallup personal injury attorney is whether the victim was surprised that the impact was imminent. If the victim braced his or her head before the impact, the spine may not be as traumatized.

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