Puyallup personal injury lawyerSome insurance adjusters are very responsive and communicative. Others, as your Puyallup personal injury lawyer will tell you, are not. You might have gotten an adjuster who seems to take a long time to get back to you or your Puyallup personal injury lawyer about anything relevant to your case. If this is happening, your insurer might be stonewalling to try to delay your case from being settled. Here are some tactics some insurers have been known to use:

Forced Arbitration

Some claims adjusters take the tactic of forcing the claimant to settle the dispute through arbitration rather than the courts. Your Puyallup personal injury attorney can tell you how this is likely to affect your case. In general, this tactic will buy the claims adjuster time and put pressure on you as the claimant to settle for a lesser sum than you might otherwise receive.

Running Out the Statute of Limitations

If your Puyallup personal injury lawyer has not informed you of the statute of limitations, make sure you ask him or her or that you look it up elsewhere. A common insurance tactic is to let the statute of limitations run out without informing the claimant, thus making it possible for the adjuster to deny the claim outright.

Usually the insurance company is legally obligated to advise claimants of the applicable statute of limitations and that the claim will be barred if the claimant does not settle it within the correct time period. An insurance company that fails to do this could be in trouble if your Puyallup personal injury attorney catches them.

As a matter of state law, most state regulations preclude an insurer from misleading policyholders on when their statute of limitations will run up. This means that the insurance adjusters are usually required to inform any claimant or their Puyallup personal injury lawyer of when their statute of limitations runs out. If they do not do this, the relevant statute may be suspended, giving you and your Puyallup personal injury lawyer more time to prepare your case.

Fabricated Denial

A Puyallup personal injury lawyer might be familiar with the adjuster tactic of falsely claiming that your claim is a non-starter and unlikely to prevail. You or your Puyallup personal injury attorney might hear this even if your claim is perfectly valid because unscrupulous insurance adjusters sometimes try to verbally intimidate claimants into dropping a claim. This conduct is highly improper within the industry and should be reported immediately.

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