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field test dui Pierce County DUI AttorneyA Pierce County DUI attorney will want to know about any field tests you took during the DUI investigation of your case. Additionally, he or she will want to know the results of these tests. While field tests are not as reliable as other evidence, they may be used for a number of purposes.

Chemical Tests

A Pierce County DUI lawyer can explain that a reliable blood alcohol test is generally more reliable than a field test. A blood alcohol test can be more objective and accurate in determining a person’s BAC level. Scientific studies may also be used to provide support of the driver’s level of impairment.

Field Sobriety Tests

In contrast, a Pierce County DUI lawyer can explain that field sobriety tests are often not a good indication of whether a driver is sober or impaired. Part of the issue with these types of tests is the greater degree of subjectivity.

Purposes of Field Sobriety Tests

Even with their limitations, a Pierce County DUI lawyer can explain that field sobriety tests are used for a variety of reasons. These reasons include helping a law enforcement officer to justify a stop or arrest, assisting him or her in establishing impairment near the time of the stop and to establish a nexus between alcohol and driving behavior.

Legal Assistance from a Pierce County DUI Attorney

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