Puyallup personal injury attorney The first question most victims of accidents will want to ask their Puyallup personal injury attorney is how much their case is worth. Unfortunately, this question is nearly impossible to answer accurately, especially in the early stages of the case before all information has been gathered. There are many things that go into determining the final value of your case.

Financial Effects

The final total of all your medical bills as a result of the accident is a large factor. Your Puyallup personal injury attorney will tell you that it is not quite as simple as adding up the amounts of your bills. You will also need to consider how the bills were incurred, whether they were from diagnostic tests, physical therapy, medications, chiropractic care, hospital stays or other treatment.

The income you have lost as a result of your injury is a factor. Your Puyallup personal injury lawyer will want to see statements of lost pay, sick leave used and loss of insurance benefits resulting from the injury.

Tangible Effects

How your injury has impacted your life and to what extent is also a factor in your case value. Limitations on leisure activities, hobbies and your social life that can be attributed to your injury should be mentioned. If any of your injuries are permanent, such as scarring or disfigurement, that will also increase the value of your case.

The Liability Question

Was the defendant entirely liable for the incident? Or is there any evidence that you were partially at fault for what happened? This is a crucial factor in your case. Do you and your Puyallup personal injury lawyer have witnesses who can testify to your account of what happened, and how credible is their testimony?

Other Factors

You will also need to consider pain, suffering and inconvenience as a factor. If you are married, you can also discuss loss of consortium (how the injury affected your marriage). Which insurance company you are dealing with also plays a part, as some are more conservative than others.

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