Tacoma personal injury attorney Your Tacoma personal injury attorney will help you to understand the goals that can be achieved through deposition testimony.

How a Deposition Will Be Used by Your Tacoma Personal Injury Attorney

A deposition is not done in court and takes place before the trial. In it, the witnesses will give testimony. Attorneys are often of the opinion that a deposition is a key discovery tool. It lets the attorney gauge the witnesses to look for indications of being candid or evasive. It can also provide a window into the defense. In addition, the deposition allows the lawyer to ask follow-up questions to answers the witness has given.

A Deposition Can Highlight Important Issues and Eliminate Unimportant Ones

The deposition not only allows analysis of the opposition, but it can narrow certain issues or eliminate others completely. If the case involves a car accident, the attorney might ask questions in the following manner:

  1. Are we in agreement that you were driving the black Ford van when the accident occurred?
  2. Is it a fact that you saw the plaintiff was wearing her seatbelt after the crash happened?
  3. You do not dispute that there was a stop sign when you drove into the intersection?
  4. Is it not true that you informed the investigating police officer that you were in the process of changing the radio station right before the collision?
  5. You looked up right before the crash occurred, did you not?

This type of strategy will reduce the issues in dispute and speed the trial. It also helps the insurer with evaluating the case.

Locking In Facts with a Deposition

A deposition will let the Tacoma personal injury attorney know what witnesses will say, the way they will say it, and the foundation for what they say. This can be valuable information when developing a strategy to counter the testimony. When the witness commits to a position, there is no possibility of markedly changing it during the trial without it being addressed.

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