Tacoma DUI attorney Charges of impaired driving can mean serious changes to your life if you are convicted. You might feel fearful and apprehensive as you do not know what the future holds. At Greene & Lloyd, PLLC, our Tacoma DUI attorney can help ease your fears regarding possible outcomes in your case.

An Aggressive Tacoma DUI Attorney Who Fights for You

Once the prosecution sees that you have retained a seasoned Tacoma DUI lawyer, they might be more willing to discuss favorable solutions to your DUI. Our track record of defending other clients has earned us the reputation of providing determined representation in the community. Our Tacoma DUI attorney conducts a thorough investigation of your case and then reviews options with you. Our firm prides itself on giving individualized attention to your case. While we might decide to negotiate a plea agreement, we could proceed with a trial. Our Tacoma DUI attorney will pull together the necessary resources needed to vigorously defend you.

A Tacoma DUI Lawyer to Support You

We will defend you from start to finish in your DUI case, no matter how serious. We realize you are facing the possible loss of your license, time in custody, hefty fines, alcohol counseling and other serious repercussions. Based on the knowledge and expertise of our Tacoma DUI attorney, we will offer suggestions on how to tackle your case. Over the years, we have developed numerous case strategies that have been effective in court, which we will apply for you as well.

A Tacoma DUI Attorney Handles a Jury under Pressure

Juries pay attention to the prosecution, victims and expert witnesses who argue their case. Over the years, we have developed counter strategies to employ in your defense. Our Tacoma DUI lawyer will use our own experts and other resources at our disposal in order to secure a favorable ruling on your behalf.

At Greene & Lloyd, PLLC, we understand that a conviction means the risk of loss of your good standing in the community, loss of freedom and even loss of loved ones. Do not fight these charges on your own. Call our Tacoma DUI attorney at (253) 770-0808 for help with your case today.