Pierce County Personal Injury Attorney doctor notesYour Pierce County personal injury attorney can assist you in setting an accurate demand figure for your case. When deciding on a demand figure, your Pierce County personal injury attorneys will consider the following:

1) Medical expenses

Examining the medical bills and evaluating them is a way to decide how much to request in a case. Injuries such as broken bones, torn ligaments, or knee injuries that need to be surgically repaired will have a certain cost. Your lawyer can take the medical bills and multiply them by two to five times. This often hinges on how long it took for you to recover, how detailed the medical determination is, and whether you suffered from symptoms to that body part before the accident. If there was an injury to the same area of the body, it will lower the amount by which the the bills can be multiplied. If the injury healed after a certain period, a lower figure from two to three times the medical bills might be used. The higher figures will be used if it took a year or longer.

2) Lost income

If the injury caused you to lose income, your lawyer will then come to a determination as to how much. There must be sufficient documentation to prove that the income was lost so it cannot be refuted by the defense during the trial. A simple way to do this is to calculate several weeks of lost time at work with the amount that would have been earned every week. Those who are self-employed often have problems proving their income. Tax returns, a letter from an accountant, or other forms of proof can be used in such instances. As long as the amount lost is well-documented, within reason, and is in line with the medical information, the attorney can multiply the amount by up to four times. Of course, this often hinges on the recovery and other factors.

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