The insurance adjuster will be seeking information in your case regarding liability, defendant, and the track record of your attorney. A qualified Tacoma personal injury attorney will be able to answer their questions and provide them with the documentation they require.

A Tacoma Personal Injury Attorney on Liability

Tacoma Personal Injury AttorneyYour Tacoma personal injury attorney should work meticulously to obtain answers for the following questions regarding liability in your case.

• Have you established a clear case of liability?

• Are you in a comparative or contributory negligence state?

• Can you be faulted for the accident in any way?

• Is there a chance that the adjuster may attempt to lower the settlement amount by blaming a third party instead of the insured? The adjuster will scrutinize any soft spots and utilize them as “discount points” to reduce their offer.

Your Tacoma personal injury attorney will likely hire an investigator gather the information. The investigator will create a comprehensive report to be presented, and if it is completely favorable, he or she will give it the insurer.

To persuade the adjuster that their objections won’t hold up in court, your attorney should give him an early look at the presentation that he will make to the jury to rebut the defense objections.

Aggravating Factors

Your Tacoma personal injury attorney will answer about the following questions regarding aggravating factors pertaining to the defendant.

• Were there any previous court awards against the defendant? What about large settlements?

• Was defendant in the news for business missteps? If so, this defendant might not be able to last a public court battle.

• What are the criminal charges pending against the defendant, if any?

• Have federal government entities such as the EPA, the Food and Drug Administration, or OSHA taken action against the defendant?

• Has the defendant’s reputation been blemished by state or local government action taken against him?

Your Tacoma personal injury attorney’s success rate as claimant/plaintiff counsel

Both you and the adjuster should consider the track record of your Tacoma personal injury lawyer. You should find out about:

• The amount of cases of this nature your attorney has handled in the past.

• Whether he or she was able to win, lose or negotiate a substantial settlement.

If your attorney is experienced in a single specialty, he or she is more likely to be a skillful negotiator.

Third Party Valuation

Your Tacoma personal injury lawyer can ascertain the true value of your case by pricing it after consulting several external tools. These include:

• Opinions of other Tacoma personal injury lawyers gathered in discussions.

• Past instances of similar claims and awards.

• Published accounts of comparable cases.

• Valuation software provided by Jury Verdict Research, Inc. and any other applicable valuation software.

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