One of the most common problems faced by personal injury victims is the question of what to do with the medical bills that are piling up. It just adds an additional source of aggravation to the painful recovery that victims go through. However, your Stillwater accident lawyer will be able to give you some guidance as to what to do.

Will My Doctors Wait to Be Paid?

Stillwater accident lawyerThankfully, many doctors, hospitals and treating facilities will agree to wait for payment until your case is resolved with either a settlement court verdict. This is most likely to be the case if you don’t have any readily available method to pay the medical bills as they are incurred. Your Stillwater accident attorney will tell you to let each of your medical providers and doctors know that you don’t have the financial means to pay your bills right now, and in many cases they will defer collection until later.

How Will My Stillwater Accident Lawyer Ensure That the Medical Bills and Doctors Get Paid?

Many Stillwater accident attorneys will wait until the case is settled or reaches a verdict, and a portion of that award will go to pay medical expenses and bills that have racked up in your case. Your doctor or treating personnel may ask you to sign a subrogation lien form, which essentially allows your Stillwater accident lawyer to withhold money from the settlement fund in order to pay off your medical bills.

Will the Insurance Company Pay the Bills in the Meantime?

Many people think that their medical bills should be automatically paid by the insurance company of the person how caused their injuries; after all, that only seems fair, and is what insurance is for in the first place. However, as any Stillwater accident lawyer will tell you, this rarely happens. This may be because the insurance company does not want to pay off your medical bills and then received a large demand letter from your Stillwater accident attorney at the end of the case, when they have already paid a substantial sum in your case. Also, it is easier for insurers to finalize or settle case with a single payment

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