Stillwater accident attorneyAfter you suffer an injury, your Stillwater accident attorney will tell you how important it is for you to recover. Some people believe that if they let their injuries persist, they might be able to recover more in damages. However, not only is this a bad idea for your health, it is also untrue. The law requires that injury victims do what they can to improve their physical condition and recuperate.

Steps Your Stillwater Accident Attorney Will Recommend:

  • Keep all scheduled medical appointments: See your doctor regularly and do not miss any scheduled appointments or treatments. If you must cancel, give your doctor as much notice as possible. Your Stillwater accident lawyer will tell you that a “no show” can be used against you if your case goes to settlement or trial.
  • Go to physical therapy if prescribed: Even if you are feeling OK now, it is a good idea to maintain your long-term recovery with physical therapy. This is especially good for sprains and soft-tissue injuries. As with doctor’s appointments, your Stillwater accident attorney will recommend that you keep all therapy appointments and give as much notice as possible if you have to cancel.
  • Follow your doctor’s orders: You might be prescribed certain therapy or medications or order certain limitations that seem excessive to your injury, but your doctor knows more than you what the impact of your injury can be. Aside from being good medical advice, your Stillwater accident lawyer will tell you that failing to follow your doctor’s orders can be used at settlement to argue that you did not properly recover from your damages as required.
  • Restrict work and leisure work activities accordingly: If your doctor gives you certain orders regarding taking time off work or abstaining from certain physical activity, your Stillwater accident attorney will want you to follow those directions. Failing to do so can not only exacerbate your injuries and prolong your recovery, but make your case much more difficult to argue. If you are worried about the lost wages from time off work, your Stillwater accident lawyer will try to recover them in the settlement.

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