Tacoma personal injury lawyerAccording to a Puyallup personal injury attorney, there are several factors that an insurance adjuster will consider when evaluating a personal injury claim. Following are some of the more important factors that adjusters will look at to determine the value of a claim.

Past and Future Medical Expenses

The overall value of your claim is, perhaps, the most affected by your medical expenses. In other words, the more expensive your medical bills, the more your case will be worth. A word of caution, adjusters will become suspicious and may refuse to pay for your claim if he or she suspects that your medical bills have been artificially inflated. For example, some claimants have been sent to medical treatment centers that have a reputation for issuing inflated bills.

To avoid raising a red flag with an insurance adjuster, it is a good idea for you to find your own doctor, rather than ask for a referral from a Puyallup personal injury attorney. Once your treatment has begun, you should get a referral from your treating physician for a respected and well-qualified specialist with board certification to confirm your diagnosis and treatment. If you will require future medical care, a specialist might authorize your need for future care.

If you will need future medical care for your injury, your Puyallup personal injury lawyer should request a physician’s estimate regarding your future medical needs. The physician’s estimate should be included in the documentation accompanying the settlement demand sent to the insurer.

Past and Future Wage Loss

Your Puyallup personal injury lawyer will need to obtain documentation confirming the amount of work you have missed as the result of your injury. The two items your attorney will need are: documentation from your employer that verifies the amount of time you have missed at work and your rate of pay and a report from your treating physician detailing the amount of time you have been disabled for due to your injury.

It is important that your doctor’s and employer’s statements match each other in terms of the amount of time that you were disabled. If you will require future medical treatment such as physical therapy or additional surgery that will cause you to miss future days at work, you or your lawyer should obtain documentation regarding future wage loss. The treating physician or specialist can provide a written medical opinion estimating the time needed for your upcoming medical treatment.

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