Tacoma Personal Injury AttorneyOur Tacoma personal injury attorney believes it’s important for our personal injury clients to know that an insurance company generally exists to make money. A primary strategy utilized by an insurance company to enhance its revenue and increase its profits is to deny claims or keep claim settlements as low as possible.

The Viewpoint of an Insurance Company in Regard to Lawsuits

Insurance companies are not afraid of going to court. Indeed, an insurance company is not often adverse to take even a relatively small claim for compensation to court. In the end, an insurer is willing to expend money on attorney fees, believing that the cost of the claim usually will not be very high when considered against the outside chance of a substantial verdict against the carrier. This particularly is the case if actual liability in a case is not clear. In such a situation, an insurance company may be willing to spend $10,000 to defend a case that could have settled for a relatively meager $3,000. In fact, this really is standard operating procedure for insurance companies dealing with personal injury claims in recent times.

Settling a Claim

Insurance companies are not settling cases with the objective of avoiding a lawsuit. Rather, in order to settle a case, a claims adjuster or claims manager must have a well-documented file that clearly supports settling the matter. Although a claims adjuster desires to close files, that individual will not take such as step unless it truly is absolutely necessary. This strategy involving claims holds true no matter the amount sought in compensation. The reality is that a claims adjuster or claims manager will not want to put his or her job on the line by being liberal in the manner of settling personal injury claims. The manner in which insurance companies address personal injury claims underscores the need for legal representation. Indeed, an injured person is best served by being proactive in retaining a Tacoma personal injury attorney in the immediate aftermath of an accident.

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