Puyallup personal injury attorneyIn this article, a Tacoma personal injury attorney explains why insurance companies are less afraid of the courts than you might think they should be.

Trial Vs. Settlement
Weighed in the balance alongside the possibility of a large judgment in the plaintiff’s favor, an insurance company may consider the costs in time and money of a jury trial to be worth the expense. While most insurers would naturally prefer not to invest more in a case than it is worth, they will not hesitate to do so if they feel they must. This is especially true in cases in which liability is a primary factor. An insurance carrier may push a case to the very doorstep of the courtroom or beyond rather than be seen as willing to settle just to be spared the legal proceedings. Even a relatively minor case may be carried through to trial for these reasons.

Closing the File
Every adjuster wants to turn over as many cases as possible, and this means closing files quickly. Rather than agreeing to a settlement demand that they consider unreasonable, however, the adjuster can turn the case over to the legal division. The ease of a settlement and a closed file, when balanced against the worth of the case and the possibility of a more acceptable offer from you and your Tacoma personal injury lawyer, may be enough for the adjuster to recommend taking the case to trial. The defense counsel picks it up from there and begins legal proceedings. The adjuster continues to have input, but the once case is transferred to the attorney it becomes his or her responsibility.

Consulting Management
Claims adjusters, regardless of their rank and seniority, routinely maintain that they must defer to higher authorities before they can agree to settlement on a case. They must submit the claims to their superiors with all of the documentation that backs up the settlement demand before any decision can be made. It would jeopardize an adjuster’s job if he or she attempted to circumvent this step for no other purpose than to seal a case file or remove the risk of a trial. This being the case, your Tacoma personal injury lawyer will provide all of the back-up information necessary to support your position so that senior management has what they need regardless of the size of the case.

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