Tacoma DUI attorney Choosing ideal jurors for a DUI case is a delicate process that requires significant thought and effort. When interviewing and vetting potential jurors for a defendant’s DUI trial, a Tacoma DUI attorney will keep an eye out for people who can remain impartial throughout courtroom proceedings and give the defendant a fair trial.

Points of Concern that Tacoma DUI Attorneys Will Address

When selecting jurors, a practiced Tacoma DUI attorney will attempt to uncover biases and determine whether potential jurors’ opinions will prevent them from objectively and fairly assessing the DUI case.

For instance, although a defendant may have a reasonable explanation for not assisting police officers with their DUI investigation at some point, some jurors might view the defendant’s actions as uncooperative or a signifier of guilt. Tacoma DUI lawyers will typically avoid approving these types of jury members because they will probably be biased against the defendant.

Instead, the defense may select potential jury members who possess the following characteristics.

  • A distaste for authority;
  • A dislike for government interference; and
  • A preference for personal liberties.

Tacoma DUI Lawyers Might Treat Drug Cases Differently

It is even more important for a Tacoma DUI attorney to be selective of jurors in cases involving defendants charged with driving while under the influence of drugs. Because the law does not clearly define the limit at which a driver is impaired from drug use, jurors might be tempted to base their case verdict on their personal opinions regarding drug use.

To prevent jurors’ opinions concerning drug use from influencing the trial verdict, a Tacoma DUI attorney will question potential jurors about their ability to differentiate the defendant’s ingestion of illegal substances from the actual charges that the trial will be focused on.

A Talented Tacoma DUI Lawyer to Spearhead the Jury Selection Process

An experienced Tacoma DUI attorney can be the difference between ending up with jurors who are prejudiced against a defendant and those who can give a defendant a fair trial. If you or a loved one has been charged with DUI, don’t leave things to chance; call the legal experts at Greene & Lloyd, PLLC at (253) 770-0808 now.