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Having a child who is arrested and charged with a crime can be a frightening experience. You may be angry, upset, frustrated and worried for your child. What will happen to your child? Who can help? During a time like this, you need the immediate intervention of an experienced juvenile crime attorney. Juvenile crime laws are intricate and are quite different from laws regarding adult crimes. An aggressive attorney can help prevent your child from having to go to court, and can help reduce or eliminate the charges against your child to keep his or her record clear. There are many consequences of juvenile crimes, including:

  • Incarceration
  • Fines
  • Treatment programs
  • Community supervision
  • Detention
  • Formal probation
  • Informal probation
  • Rehabilitation

Depending on the severity of the crime in question, your child may be at risk for being tried as an adult. With your child’s entire future and well being at stake, it is essential that you contact a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with juvenile crime law and can advocate for your child in court. Greene & Lloyd, PLLC have a proven success record defending a variety of criminal cases and will support you throughout this difficult time. Regardless of the crime your child has been accused of committing, he or she deserves an aggressive defense. Our goal is to help get the charges against your child dismissed or reduced, or the lightest sentence possible imposed. If your child is facing juvenile crime charges, contact the Law Offices of Greene & Lloyd, PLLC. We will assist you and your family throughout the case, from start to finish. Call for a consultation today.


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