Graham Motorcycle Accident AttorneyKeeping a personal injury journal is an effective way for you to keep track of your pain and suffering as well as help you prepare for your deposition, trial or settlement. A Puyallup personal injury attorney can explain how.

Describe Your Suffering and Pain

Your Puyallup personal injury attorney will want you to use your own descriptive words as you document your pain. Simply write in your journal each day the way you would if you knew it was not going to be used in litigation. Record the way you felt at the time and place the accident occurred, each day during your stay in the hospital and how you feel each day you keep your journal.

Be Specific

Focus on your body. Your Puyallup personal injury lawyer knows the importance of recording how each of your different parts feels. Take note if any body parts are limited in their movement and record the pain each body part feels during normal work or social activity use.

Describe How Your Pain Affects You

Your journal should completely and accurately record how your everyday activities are affected by the pain and discomfort you experience from the injuries you have sustained. Describe, in detail, how you feel from the moment you first wake up, through the activities of a normal day and before you go to sleep at night. Explain how the way you live has been altered, changed or affected by your pain. Naturally, some days will be worse than others, but both good and bad days should be honestly documented in your journal. Never try to exaggerate or make up entries. Accurate, detailed and honest descriptions are all that is necessary. Even though your Puyallup personal injury lawyer will attempt to maintain your journal’s confidentiality, it may become necessary at trial to refer to your journal to document your suffering and pain.

Legal Help

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