If your accident case does not settle, your Sumner truck accident attorney will help prepare you for trial. Many people find the prospect of getting up and testifying in court daunting. Your lawyer can prepare you for what to expect and give you some helpful tips on making a good witness for yourself.

Tip #1: Be Honest

Sumner Truck Accident AttorneyNo matter what, tell the truth when you testify. Lying in court is against the law and could torpedo your case. Even if parts of the truth are damaging, stay honest. Your Sumner truck accident attorney will prepare for any unfavorable facts.

Tip #2: Keep Cool

Your Sumner truck accident lawyer will tell you that the defendant’s lawyer may try to rattle you on the witness stand. Juries tend not to like angry or hostile witnesses. Don’t take the bait. Stay calm and answer politely.

Tip #3: Listen

Don’t try to anticipate questions before asked. Take your time and give clear and thoughtful answers. Avoid phrases like “um, or aaah.” Stick with a simple yes or no when you can.

Tip #4: Don’t Look at Your Attorney When Answering

Don’t look to your Sumner truck accident attorney for answers. This can make you seem shifty to the jury.

Tip #5: Be Yourself

Your Sumner truck accident attorney might advise you to pretend you’re talking to a neighbor or friend when recounting your story for the jury. The more likeable you are, the more likely the jury will want to rule in your favor.

Tip #6: Don’t Gild the Lilly

Your Sumner truck accident lawyer will want you to resist the urge to exaggerate your injuries. If you don’t need a cane or brace, don’t wear it to court. It won’t impress the jury. Let your Sumner truck accident attorney know if you need a break or are uncomfortable sitting.

For Legal Assistance with Your Truck Accident Claim

If you have been injured in a truck accident due to another’s negligence, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim. For more advice about court testimony and building a case for your injuries, contact a Sumner truck accident attorney at Greene & Lloyd PLLC. Call (253) 770-0808 today.