Tacoma personal injury lawyerAs you work your way through the personal injury process, your Tacoma personal injury lawyer can explain that the defendant may be able to require you to undergo a physical examination or other type of test. One such type of test that you may have to undergo is a malingering test. Your Tacoma personal injury lawyer may inform you that this test is used to determine whether a person is exaggerating symptoms in order to increase his or her level of damages. Here are a few types of malingering tests that you may be subjected to.

Effort Test

This type of test requires you to utilize your cognitive skills. These skills are used in the acquisition of knowledge, memory functions and concentration. Tacoma personal injury attorneys can explain that defense attorneys may argue that if you give the incorrect answer and perform very poorly that you are faking symptoms and pretending not to know the answer.

Pain Scale Test

This type of test involves asking you to describe your pain on a scale. If you describe a multitude of symptoms, the defendant may assume that you are faking.

Symptom Selection Test

Your Tacoma personal injury lawyer can explain that this test assesses whether you suffer from any type of psychological symptom. If you claim that you have too many of these types of symptoms, the defendant’s attorney might argue that you are are making up symptoms.

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