Tacoma personal injury lawyerA Tacoma personal injury lawyer can warn you of the pitfalls of dealing with insurance adjusters. Here are a few more tricks to be aware of.

Claiming the Tax Benefit

A Tacoma personal injury lawyer may tell you about a trick in which an adjuster will say that a claim will be reduced because the general damages are tax-free. In essence, the adjuster is attempting to take money off the top of the claim because most individuals are accustomed to working and receiving less net income than gross.

Attorney Bias

If a claimant does not like the idea of hiring a Tacoma personal injury lawyer, an adjuster may use this information against the claimant. Another example that a Tacoma personal injury lawyer may warn you about is an adjuster will offer a low settlement if you are adverse to attorneys, giving you only the option of accepting this lowball offer.

Structured Settlement

An adjuster may attempt to force you to receive a structured settlement in order to avoid paying you a large one-time payment. However, a Tacoma personal injury lawyer can explain that an insurance company has the motivation to force this type of settlement because it allows the company to invest the saved amount for its own economic advantage while you have to wait for the funds.

Not Paying Value

If the accident involved an expensive or collectible vehicle, a Tacoma personal injury attorney may also warn you about the possibility of an adjuster saying that the insurance company will not pay for the diminution value of your vehicle after it has repairs done. Specifically, a Tacoma personal injury attorney can explain how this tactic can cause you not to receive fair market value for your vehicle.

Other Damages

As a Tacoma personal injury attorney will likely tell you, insurance adjusters are motivated to settle claims for as little as possible. Therefore, they will probably not offer to pay for something if you have not demanded it. A Tacoma personal injury lawyer can review your case and identify all potential damages. If you would like a Tacoma personal injury lawyer to handle your case, contact Greene & Lloyd, PLLC at 253-770-0808.