tacoma car accident attorneysAn experienced Tacoma car accident lawyer will tell you that there are five main types of car accidents and that each of these events has specific traits associated with them. Knowing what the most common types of car accidents occur and why, will allow you to remain safer on the road.

Rear End Accidents

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, about 37 percent of all accidents that occur are rear end collisions. This is the highest percentage for any accident type. A rear end collision occurs when one car collides with the car in front of them. In most cases, a rear end collision occurs because the driver of the vehicle that causes the accident was distracted from the road. Nearly 95 percent of all drivers that were interviewed about the event stated that their eyes were not focused forward when the event occurred. Drivers who are using their phones, texting, adjusting the radio, or are distracted by passengers in the car are most often involved in rear end collisions. To avoid this kind of accident, always keep your phone away from you while driving and limit the distractions n the car. Limit radio adjustments to controls on the steering wheel or by hand when the car is stooped. Always focus on the road.

Accidents Involving Parked Cars

A large number of accidents are reported each year involving parked cars. This can happen for numerous reasons. Most of these events take place in a parking lot because cars are parked too close to one another. Always remember that if you had a difficult time getting into a parking space, the people next to you will have a hard time getting out. Additional parked car accidents occur on side streets where vehicles are parked in front of their homes. Drivers who become distracted may swerve while driving and hit a parked car. Always remain focused on the road to avoid this kind of accident.


A very common cause of accidents that Tacoma personal injury attorneys see are ones involving hydroplaning. When the roads are wet, it is very easy for your car to start skimming over the pavement because the tires have lost traction. This skimming motion causes the car to slide in different directions and can cause accidents. To avoid this kind of accident, you should always make sure that you reduce your speed when it begins to rain, while it is raining, and shortly after the rain has stopped. The water on the road mixes with the oils in the road, creating very slippery conditions. Many parts of the country refer to this as “black ice.” It is also important to have good tires on your car with enough thread depth to retain traction in stormy weather. Balding tires will hydroplane much faster than newer tires. It is also important to always have your tires properly filled with air. Low tires can loose traction much easier than a filled tire. When driving in rain conditions, you should always apply gentle pressure to the brakes when stopping. Stomping down on your brakes in any weather condition can cause you to loose traction. When you do it on wet roads, hydroplaning can occur.

Wild Animal Collisions

Another very common accident occurs in rural areas where there is a lot of wildlife. Collisions with wild animals can cause serious damage to your car and injuries to your body. This applies to all sizes of animals. Smaller animals can bounce over the hood and come through the windshield. Larger animals can cause extensive damage and also have the potential to come over the hood of the car. To avoid these types of accidents, always make sure that you are very aware of your surroundings when you are driving. If you see signs posted for animal crossings in the area, always look for animals near the road. Animals are more prone to be near the road between dusk and dawn. Always use your high beam headlights in rural areas when you can do so without interfering with another driver.

Side Collisions

Our Tacoma personal injury attorneys will explain to anyone that side collisions or “T-Bone” accidents have the highest rate of injuries and deaths when it comes to car accidents. This is because the impact area is generally where the driver or passengers are sitting, Side collision accidents are generally caused by a driver not yielding to a red light or turning in front of another vehicle improperly. Other events can lead to this kind of accident also. In most cases, the main cause of these accidents is drivers who do not obey traffic rules. To help protect yourself from injuries during a side collision, it is always recommended that you purchase a car that is equipped with side air bags. These accidents are often hard to avoid because the driver that is hit was not expecting the other person to disobey the traffic rules. This is why it is always important to be very aware of your surroundings, especially at intersections.

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