handcuffs and alchoholOur Tacoma DUI attorney understands that you are at a disadvantage in your case simply because you have been charged with impaired driving. Our firm has helped other clients who have found themselves in this negative starting position. Here are some of the ways our Tacoma DUI attorney works to overcome these challenging obstacles.

Steps in Your Defense

An effective cross-examination. Law enforcement personnel present some of the strongest witnesses against you in court. They allegedly saw you while you were intoxicated.

  • Chemical testing. Jurors often view chemical tests as infallible, but this is simply not true.
  • A vigorous defense. Your Tacoma DUI attorney should be able to use his or her knowledge of the law to fight for your rights and present your case to the jury in a favorable light.
  • Focusing on your rights. Your lawyer can also emphasize your Constitutional rights, such as proof beyond a reasonable doubt and presumption of innocence, to the jury.

Another Difficult Obstacle

Your Tacoma DUI attorney must also be prepared to help turn around the jurors’ opinion about you since they harbor a natural dislike for DUI defendants. Your defense counsel will work to connect with the jurors so that they like and relate to him or her and then transfer those positive feelings to you. Over the years, your lawyer has used this strategy in other cases and developed a history of favorable presentation to juries. In addition, he or she will be polite and professional while arguing your case but at the same time, will work hard to not antagonize opposing counsel or the judge.

Impressing the Jury

Instead, the defense team tries to demonstrate that the State has failed to meet the burden of proof regarding your guilt, and that as such, they must uphold their civic duty and vote for a not guilty verdict. The key to a favorable outcome in your case is for the jury to agree to your attorney’s version of events. As such, he or she needs to present a confident and focused case to make a good impression on the jurors. Preparation and organization is one way that your lawyer will do this. Another method that your attorney will use is professionalism in dress, speech, and actions. He or she should not come across as arrogant or a know-it-all. However, he or she needs to find a balance, possibly through a bit of humor, which can help endear the lawyer to them. Your attorney can cement this connection by treating the jurors with respect and not talking down to them. In other words, the jurors should feel that they could have a one-on-one conversation with the lawyer outside the realm of the DUI case.

Helping Jurors Feel at Ease

While attorneys deal with DUI cases on a daily basis, the jurors do not and are likely nervous about the trial. Your attorney will help them become comfortable in the court room and used to the setting and the situation. He or she will present clear and intentional arguments in a logical fashion to build a strong case.

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