handcuffs and gavel Tacoma Criminal Defense LawyerOur Tacoma criminal defense lawyer is often asked about how bail works and how much a client will need to pay for release. Bail allows someone who is waiting for court or trial to be released after he or she is arrested and sees the judge at their initial appearance. The court will determine an amount of money that the defendant needs to pay in order to secure his or her release. These conditions generally include your promise to remain law-abiding and a set of restrictions imposed by the court.

Bail for Lesser Offenses

In some jurisdictions, the arresting officer might be able to set “stationhouse” bail for misdemeanor crimes. This is not automatic and is generally more infrequent than bail set by the court. Our Tacoma criminal defense lawyer can tell you if you will need to pay “stationhouse” or court bail.

Bail Bond Companies

A licensed bonding agency can post bail for you in exchange for a fee. They are familiar with the criminal justice system and the courts in your area and will be able to help expedite your release once you pay the related fees. None of these monies are refundable as the bail bond company bears the responsibility for your appearance. However, if you opt to not use a bail bond agency but pay the bond directly to the court, the money will later be refunded to you after the case. Bounty hunters, who work for these agencies, sometimes become overzealous and arrest people who fail to appear in court. The alleged absconder does not have the protection of due process or a court hearing. Instead, the bounty hunter surprises the defendant and takes him or her into custody at gunpoint. These agents do not have the oversight given to police officers and are not held to the same professional standards. In some cases, bounty hunters have arrested people without cause and hurt or killed others. Our Tacoma criminal defense lawyer can help you find a reputable bail bond agency.

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