Puyallup Personal Injury AttorneyAre you worried about paying your medical bills stemming from an accident or incident that was not your fault? Before you pay any bills, a Puyallup personal injury attorney suggests you wait until your case is settled.

If you have received bills for a medical issue stemming from an accident and you believe you will be covered by insurance, there is no need to immediately pay your bills. However, you need to let medical providers know of your situation early in the process that you do not have the means to pay the bills or that you do not have insurance. Most hospitals, doctors and other medical facilities are comfortable waiting for payment until the case is resolved, either by a court verdict or by settlement.

A Puyallup personal injury lawyer, like most lawyers, has a policy regarding paying doctors and medical facilities. Once the court verdict or settlement has been finalized, a portion of your money is withheld. You will have to sign a lien form or a subrogation form, which allows your attorney to withhold enough money to pay medical bills. Most doctors and medical facilities require this form. This guarantees that they will get paid when you get paid.

Do not expect the insurance company of those who caused your injuries to automatically pay your medical bills. Those responsible are known as the tortfeasor, and there are many reasons why a tortfeasor will not pay in advance. One reason is that they don’t want to pay a lot of money for your bills, and when the final settlement comes in, be faced with excessive or unreasonable demand.

Another reason is that insurance companies generally want to have one payout and not have to pay in portions over time. Because of this, many insurance companies will wait until your attorney sends a letter of demand. Once this letter is received, the insurance company will then pay out all at once.

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