Pierce County DUI Attorney field testYour Pierce County DUI attorney will secure the evidence in your case and advise you on how you can aid in your defense.

A Pierce County DUI Lawyer Will Advise You on Securing the Scene

After you have been placed under arrest and contacted your Pierce County DUI lawyer, you will be told to secure the scene where you were given the sobriety tests. If it is possible, your lawyer’s investigator will go along with you to the scene. Pictures should be taken in order to have images of the scene in the immediate aftermath of the arrest. It is inevitable that the police report will say that the location where the field sobriety tests were given was an even, flat area. In many instances, this is not accurate. Since field sobriety tests are administered on a sidewalk or roadside area, it is likely that there will be slopes for the runoff of water. This is basic infrastructure. Only in rare instances will the area be completely level. It is also important how well-lit the area is.

Locate Any Possible Phone Recordings

While you were in jail, there is the chance that you made phone calls. If it was nighttime and you made a call, it is very probable that the person you called was sleeping. If that is the case, you might have left a message on an answering machine or voice mail. This recorded message should be secured. It might show that you did not have slurred speech and could bolster your contention that you were not under the influence.

Contact an Experienced Pierce County DUI Attorney

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