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If you have been charged with DUI, a Pierce County DUI lawyer may prove the difference between you facing severe criminal penalties or obtaining an acquittal. From the time of your arrest until the day of your trial, your Pierce County DUI lawyer can take responsibility for a variety of tasks associated with defending your case, including the following:

  • Evidence Collection: After you are charged, your Pierce County DUI lawyer will be able to obtain the results of any breathalyzer or blood tests to which you submitted and to request copies of any police reports associated with your arrest. Additionally, he or she can identify key eye witnesses and expert witnesses who may be able to assist your defense.
  • Representation at Court Hearings: When you are charged with DUI, the court sets various hearings that you are obligated to attend. Many DUI defendants are unfamiliar with criminal court proceedings. They are unsure where to go, how to dress, how to prepare, and how to interact with a judge. If you are represented by a lawyer, he or she will have the right to attend court hearings and speak on your behalf. In addition to reducing your stress by handling the hearings, your Pierce County DUI lawyer will be in a position to ensure your defense is preserved as the case moves toward trial.
  • Representation at Trial: DUI trials can be long and complex proceedings. Often, trials involve highly scientific expert testimony and data and complex legal theories. Almost all trials involve at least some witness testimony. Your lawyer will be able to try your case on your behalf. He or she will participate in the jury selection process, make an opening statement, examine and cross-examine witnesses, submit documentary evidence, and make a closing statement to the jury. Additionally, he or she will object to improper evidence offered by the prosecution and evaluate whether any grounds exist to appeal an unfavorable verdict.

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