Pierce County Motorcycle Accident Attorneys doctor If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, contact your Pierce County motorcycle accident attorneys to help you with your case. It is common for those who have been in a motorcycle accident to have sustained serious injuries. You deserve compensation for those injuries. Your Pierce County motorcycle accident attorneys will help you recover any damages that you are entitled to from the accident. After a motorcycle accident, there are many questions you will have. The following are frequently asked questions and answers you may have after an accident. Your Pierce County motorcycle accident attorneys will be able to answer any other questions that are not addressed here.

Should I send my medical records to the other driver’s insurance company?

It is advised to not send your medical records to anyone other than your motorcycle accident attorney. You could jeopardize your case by giving your medical records to the insurance company of the other driver.

Does filing a personal injury claim mean that my case will go to court?

In most cases, an accident claim will end up being settled before having to bring the case to court. This means that the other driver’s insurance company will offer you an amount of money to settle the case, and you accept what they have offered. If you feel that the offer is not fair, you do not need to accept it. However, if you decline their settlement offer, then the case may end up going to court. Your motorcycle accident attorney can help you through the settlement phase and onto a trial if necessary.

Should I see a doctor after an accident if I do not feel I’ve been injured?

Your motorcycle accident attorneys will recommend that you, and any rider you may have had with you, see a doctor after being in an accident. It is possible that you have been injured but do not feel it yet. A doctor will be able to determine if you sustained any injuries during the accident. You will need to see a doctor for your injuries if you plan on filing a claim with the insurance company.

What if I feel that I am partly to blame for my accident?

Do not accept blame or apologize for an accident. It is possible that there were other factors that caused the accident that you are not aware of. Your motorcycle accident attorneys will do a thorough investigation into the accident to determine what the cause of it was. It is not up to you to judge who was at fault, but rather up to the judge and jury to decide.

What will happen in my case if my statement at the time of the accident contradicts what my memories of the accident are now?

This is a more common occurrence than you may think. Often times, after an accident you may be confused about the details of the event. You may have a difficult time explaining exactly what happened, but after having some time to calm down and think, you can better describe how the accident took place. Your accident attorney is experienced in handling matters like this. They will help you to support the story as you remember it happening.

Should I let the insurance company handle my settlement or file a lawsuit?

In most cases, your insurance company will work to achieve a settlement with the other driver’s insurance company. However, not all cases are exactly the same. Most accident attorneys offer a free consultation. It is recommended that you schedule a consultation appointment with your motorcycle accident attorneys to address any questions or issues you may have when it comes to your accident claim. If you have been in a motorcycle accident, then it is likely you have sustained injuries, possibly severe.

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