Puyallup car accident lawyerA police report can play an essential role in a personal injury claim and often serves as vital evidence in your Puyallup car accident lawyer’s investigation. Jurors will take these reports as truthful and accurate even if they contain errors. In this way, the report can set the stage for the case in court.

The rules of evidence often tone down the police officer’s findings, but, if nothing else, the report will confirm the time, date and location of the accident and can help your lawyer pursue your case successfully.

What Does the Police Report Contain?

Although the format varies by location, police reports will generally explain the following:

• The owners and drivers of the vehicles involved;
• The insurance carriers of each party;
• The location of the accident;
• The road and weather conditions at the time of the incident;
• Damage sustained by each vehicle;
• Witness names and addresses;
• A description of injuries and complaints;
• A description of the accident itself, including a diagram;
• The officer’s opinion regarding the cause, contributing factors, the use of safety devices like seat belts and any pre-accident actions that the drivers committed; and
• Whether the drivers has been using drugs or alcohol.

An Essential Step

As your Puyallup car accident lawyer will advise, one of the first steps you should take after an accident is to call the police so they can come to the scene and write a report. This may help protect you from false claims and provide evidence of negligence factors.

An Attorney’s Help

A Puyallup car accident attorney can guide you toward taking the proper legal steps after your accident. By calling Puyallup car accident lawyer Greene & Lloyd, PLLC, at (253) 770-0808, you can protect your rights and get the legal advocacy you deserve.