Tacoma Car Accident AttorneysOur Tacoma personal injury attorneys will advise you on the importance of defense medical exams and how the process might help or hurt your case. These exams are routine and permitted by courts in all personal injury cases. It’s a perfectly normal part of the process, so there is no need to worry about why the defense is ordering this to be done. All you need to do is understand what will happen.

Who performs a defense medical exam?

The defense medical examination is performed by a doctor who is hand-picked by the defendant or the defendant’s insurance company. It’s important to remember that the doctor doesn’t work for you. While he or she is expected to be honest and ethical, the doctor will report all information back to the defendant and can use the information that you provide to put you at a disadvantage.

What is the doctor looking for?

The doctor’s job is to document details that could weaken your claim and help the defendant. Evidence will be gathered from the exam and from your medical records. Using this information, the doctor will assess the validity of your complaints and record any findings that are inconsistent. Any evidence that minimizes your injury and the value of your legal claim will be emphasized. Because the defense doctor isn’t treating you and will report everything, follow the advice of your Tacoma car accident attorneys. Be careful about what you say. These doctors can use your statements to unfairly minimize your suffering.

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