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If you have been convicted of a crime in the state of Washington and were sentenced to probation as part of your court ordered requirements, you have the responsibility of meeting the terms of your probation and completing your probation successfully. However, mistakes are made and circumstances arise that may cause you to violate the terms of your probation and put you at risk of going back to jail or prison. Don’t let a simple mistake or lapse in judgement ruin your probation and place negative consequences on your life. If you violated your probation or think you may have violated your probation, you need an experienced, unbiased criminal defense attorney who is familiar with probation law in Washington.

Examples Of Common Probation Violations

  • Failure to pay court ordered fines or restitution
  • Failure to report to your probation officer
  • Violation of the terms of a restraining order
  • Failure to appear at mandatory court hearings
  • Failure to enroll in court ordered alcohol, drug or psychological counseling
  • The commission of a new crime or crimes
  • Being arrested for a criminal or non-criminal offense
  • The possession of weapons
  • The possession of drugs or other illegal substances

The last thing you want is to return to jail or end up in jail if you were able to avoid a jail sentence during your original sentencing. You need the assistance of a seasoned, effective criminal defense attorney who will advocate for you in court and do everything possible to protect your freedoms and rights. Call Greene & Lloyd, PLLC today. We will help you with your probation requirements to ensure you stay out of jail and are able to complete your probation successfully and move on with your life.


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