Pierce County injury lawyersPierce County injury lawyers are familiar with the adage that a case is not about what really happened but about what you can actually prove. As you work on developing your case, Pierce County injury lawyers may give you advice about how to gather evidence of your injuries.


Pierce County injury lawyers can explain that insurance companies are more motivated to settle injury claims when there is objective and credible evidence than other evidence that is harder to substantiate. For example, they prefer to see damages presented by Pierce County injury lawyers that show medical expenses and loss of income. They are not impressed by lengthy complaints by complainants or Pierce County injury attorneys regarding subjective complaints about pain or mental anguish.

Objective Evidence

Pierce County injury attorneys may provide you with a list of evidence that you can help gather to help substantiate your claims. These documents may include medical bills, x-rays, medical reports, check stubs, tax returns, reports of lost days, documents that show travel to doctor’s visits and physical therapy notes. Subjective explanations regarding your pain or inconvenience will not suffice on their own. Facts and figures also provide compelling evidence.


One way that Pierce County injury lawyers might explain the need for evidence is by providing examples between two individuals, one of whom has objective evidence to support his or her injury claim and the other of whom does not.

Both personal injury victims may have suffered the same injury in a rear-end collision. The first victim took about ten weeks to recover and misses about four weeks of work. His or her medical bills amounted to $5,000, and his or her lost wages represented $3,500.

Pierce County injury lawyers may say that the second victim visits a chiropractor for treatment of his injuries. He visits the chiropractor three times. He doesn’t want to miss work, so he only takes two days off to recover. Although he is in a lot of pain and this has impacted his ability to participate in family activities, he does not seek further treatment. His medical bills amount to $500 and his lost income represents $400.

Pierce County injury lawyers can explain that the insurance company will likely settle the first victim’s case for significantly more, even though the two had the same exact injury.

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