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Puyallup Accident LawyersIf you have been injured in an automobile accident, it is recommended that you contact your Puyallup accident lawyers for a consultation. Being in an accident can be a stressful situation, especially if you have sustained injuries from it. Your lawyers will help you through this difficult time and do what is best for your case. The following are frequently asked questions that Puyallup accident lawyers have received from clients over the years regarding auto accidents. If you find that your question is not answered, contact us for further assistance.

If the other driver’s insurance adjuster asks for my medical records, should I give it to them?

Under no circumstances should you give anyone representing the other driver your records. This could end up hurting your case in the long run. The only time you should give consent to release your records is for your Puyallup accident lawyers who are working on your case.

Will I still be able to recover damages if I was not wearing my seat belt at the time of the accident?

This answer will depend on what state the accident occurred in. Some states, if you were not buckled at the time of the accident then you may not be entitled to receive any compensation for your injuries. Your experienced accident attorney will know the law for your state.

I was just in an accident but do not feel injured. Do I still need to see a doctor?

It is highly recommended that you, and any passengers that were with you, get checked out by a medical professional as soon as possible. You may have sustained injuries that are not apparent to you yet. Your visit to the doctor should be covered by your insurance. Also, in order to seek compensation from the other driver, you will need to see a doctor to examine the extent of your injuries.

Will I have to go to court if I file a personal injury claim?

In some cases you may have to go to court for a personal injury claim. However, the insurance companies will frequently settle a personal injury claim outside of the courtroom. If you and the insurance company are unable to agree upon an amount for the settlement, then your case will go to a trial procedure.

Can I still seek compensation if I think that the accident was partially my fault?

You may not be the best person to decide if you were partially at-fault for the accident. It is best to leave that determination up to your attorney to investigate for you. Do not accept blame when speaking to the other driver in the accident. That may be used against you if you decide to seek compensation for your injuries.

What will happen if the things I said at the time of the accident now conflict with the memory I have of it?

This is actually a common occurrence in those who have sustained injuries during an auto accident. You may have had a hard time explaining exactly what happened at the time it happened but once you had some time to reflect, your view changes. This can happen with witnesses in an auto accident as well. Your accident lawyers have experience in handling these types of situations. It is best to explain what you now remember versus what you said at the time to your lawyer. They will work to support your story and what you remember from the auto accident.

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